QCQT Research Seminar



17 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Matteo Fadel (Treutlein group)
“Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in Bose-Einstein condensates”

Pavel Sekatski (Sangouard group)
“Certifying the building blocks of quantum computers from Bell’s theorem”

10 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Alexandre Roulet (Bruder group)
"Synchronizing the smallest possible system"

Matthias Löbl (Warburton group)
“InGaAs quantum dots without wetting layer states for electrons”

27 Mar 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Christoph Kloffel (Loss group)
Direct Rashba spin-orbit interaction in Si and Ge nanowires with different growth directions
[QCQT] Host: Jelena Klinovaja

13 Feb

New Lecture Room

QCQT Winter Event

9.00: Surface Code
James Wootton

11:00:  Quantum Communication
Nicolas Sangouard

14:00: Quantum Networks
Andrew Shields (Toshiba, UK)

12 Feb

New Lecture Room

QCQT Winter Event

14.00: The Spin Qubit
Daniel Loss

16.00: Topological Quantum Computing
Jelena Klinovaja

12 Dec 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Zakaria Azdad (Zardo group)
Twin Superlattice Nanowires.

Johannes Kölbl (Maletinsky group)
Superadiabatic quantum state preparation in a hybrid spin-mechanical system..

5 Dec 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Christian Scheller, Taras Patlatiuk (Zumbühl group)
Edge state profiles and tunneling orthogonality at sharp edges.

28 Nov 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Ziv Meir (Willitsch group)
Dynamics of a ground-state cooled ion colliding with ultra-cold atoms.

21 Nov 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Gulibusitan Abuliz (Schönenberger group)
CNT research.

Olesia Dmytruk (Klinovaja group)
Majorana fermions and orbital magnetic effects in nanowires.

14 Nov 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Poster Session