Theoretical Condensed Matter Seminar



8 Mar 14:00

Room 4.1

Krzysztof Pawłowski
Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
QC2 Seminar: Fisher Information in the dynamics of the bimodal Bose-Einstein condensates

[CMTS] Hosts: Prof. P. Treutlein / Prof. C. Bruder

22 Feb 14:00

Room 4.1

Dr. Pawel Wojcik
AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland
QC2 Seminar: "Spin-orbital and orbital magnetic effects in Majorana nanowires"
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss

14 Feb 11:00

Room 4.1

Michael E. Flatte
University of Iowa, USA
QC2 & QSIT Seminar: Spin-correlated orbital currents in quantum dots and topological insulators
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Klinovaja / Prof. Loss

1 Feb 14:00

Room 4.1

Clément Dutreix
LOMA Bordeaux
QC2 Seminar: "Imaging wavefunction geometrical properties through Friedel oscillations"
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Klinovaja

23 Nov 14:00

Room 4.1

Fabrizio Nichele
Niels Bohr Institute, Universitaet Kopenhagen
QC2 Seminar: Superconducting InAs/Al heterostructures
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Klinovaja

22 Nov 15:30

Room 4.1

John Schliemann
Universität Regensburg
QC2 Seminar: Persistent Spin Textures in Semiconductor Nanostructures
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss

12 Oct 14:00

Seminarraum 4.1, 4. Stock, Klingelbergstrasse 82

Victor Kooi Ming Chua
University Basel
QC2 Seminar: Introduction to the SPT classification Interacting Topological Insulating SC Wires and applications to time-reversal invariant parafermions
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss

15 Sep 15:00

Room 4.1

Oindrila Deb
Department of Physics, University Basel
QC2 Seminar: Studies of topological phases of matter: presence of boundary modes and their role inelectrical transport
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Klinovaja / QC2/QSIT

23 Aug 14:00

Room 1.22

Prof. Mark Dykman
Michigan State University
QC2 Seminar: Floquet dynamics of nonlinear oscillators and time-translation symmetry breaking

[CMTS] Host: Prof. Bruder

22 Aug 14:00

Room 4.1

Vardan Kaladzhyan
Université Paris-Sud
QC2 Seminar: Spin-polarised and topological properties of Shiba states
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss