8 Dez 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Jesper Nygård
Niels Bohr Institute, Universität Copenhagen
Title: Nanowires - the magic wands of superconducting quantum devices
[Col] Host: C. Schönenberger, QC2/QSIT

1 Dez 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
KIT (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
Titel: Operating quantum states in single magnetic molecules
[Col] Host: Prof. Poggio, QC2/QSIT

17 Nov 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Jean-Michel Gerard
CEA / Université Grenoble Alpes
Title: 20 years of CQED with quantum dots: where do we stand, where do we go
[Col] Host: R. Warburton, QC2/QSIT

10 Nov 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Thomas Schwetz
KIT (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
Title: Neutrino oscillations and implications for the Standard Model of particle physics
[Col] Host: Prof. Antusch

27 Okt 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Roman Schmied
Universität Basel
Title: Quantum correlations from ions to atomic ensembles
(öffentliche Habilitationsvorlesung)
[Col] Host: P. Treutlein, QC2/QSIT

13 Okt 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Laurens Molenkamp
Universität Würzburg
Title: Topological Physics in HgTe based Quantum Devices
[Col] Host: D. Loss/I. Zardo, QC2/QSIT

6 Okt 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Rich Haley
Lancaster University
Fundamental problems and new techniques in physics at the extreme of low temperatures
[Col] Host: D. Zumbühl, QC2/QSIT

19 Mai 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Prof. Lucia Sorba
Nanowire heterostructures grown by chemical beam epitaxy
[Col] Host: Prof. Zardo

12 Mai 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Nacho Pascual
nanoGUNE Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
Elementary phenomena in hybrid graphene nanoribbons on metal surfaces
[Col] Host: Prof. Meyer, QC2/QSIT

5 Mai 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Pierre Meystre,  University of Arizona, and APS Editor in Chief


Host: P. Treutlein