QCQT Research Seminar



17 Dez 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Kirill Plekhanov (Klinovaja)
“Higher-order topological insulators”

10 Dez 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Martin Koppenhoefer (Bruder)
"Digitial simulation of an open quantum system on the IBM Quantum Experience"

Sigurd Flagan (Warburton)
“Progress on generating coherent photons from single colour-centres in diamond”

3 Dez 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Alexina Ollier (Meyer)
“Pendulum AFM experiments on 2d materials”

Arunav Bordoloi (Schoenenberger)
"Tunneling Magnetoresistance in a Double Quantum Dot with Ferromagnetic Side Gates"

19 Nov 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Begona Aba (Zardo)
“Probing thermal and mechanical properties of nanostructured materials by using Extreme Ultraviolet beams generated by High Harmonic Generation”

5 Nov 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Andreas Kuhlmann (Warburton)
“Spin blockade in silicon fin-field-effect transistors”

28 Mai 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Marta De Luca (Zardo)
“Crystalline, Phononic, and Electronic Properties of Heterostructured Polytypic Ge Nanowires by Raman Spectroscopy”

21 Mai 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Gianni Buser (Treutlein)
“Storing heralded photons in an atomic memory”
Roy Haller (Schönenberger)
“Circuit-QED approach to Josephson junctions”

14 Mai 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Lucas Thiel (Maletinsky)
“Quantum sensing and imaging of 2D magnets”
Sebastian Diaz (Loss)
“Topological Magnons and Edge States in Antiferromagnetic Skyrmion Crystals”

7 Mai 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Milo Swinkels (Zardo)
“Ballistic phonon transport in nanowires"
Marco Rancic (Loss)
“Entangling Spins in Double Quantum Dots and Majorana Bound States”

30 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Floris Braakman and Florian Froning (Zumbühl)
“Hole Spins in GeSi Nanowire QDs”

23 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Alexander Mook (Loss)
“Topological Magnon Materials and Transverse Magnon Transport”

16 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Taras Patlatiuk (Zumbühl)
“Edge state wave functions from tunneling spectroscopy”
Frederick Thomas (Schönenberger)
“Electrical properties of quantum dots that are defined during growth in InAs-based nanowires using InP as barrier material”

9 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Dmitry Miserev (Loss)
“Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Monolayers of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides”
Jonas Roch

4 Dez 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Pavel Aseev (Klinovaja group)
“Lifetime of Majorana qubits in Rashba nanowires with nonuniform chemical potential”

Yemliha Bilal (Zumbühl group)
“On-and-Off Chip Cooling of a Coulomb Blockade Thermometer down to 1.8 mK”

27 Nov 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Katharina Lauscher (Klinovaja/Loss group)
"Universal quantum computation in the surface code using non-Abelian islands"

Mirko Rehmann (Zumbühl group)
“Characterization of Hydrogen Plasma Defined Graphene Edges”

20 Nov 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Lujun Wang (Schönenberger group)
“Towards valley Hall physics by engineering strain in graphene”

Daniel Najer (Warburton group)
“Strong coupling in the solid state with a charge-tunable emitter atoptical frequencies”

13 Nov 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

QCQT PhD school - general assembly (Thilo Glatz)

6 Nov 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

David Indolese (Schönenberger group)
“Superconductivity in encapsulated graphene with superlattice”

Yanick Volpez (Loss group)
“Rashba Sandwiches with Topological Superconducting Phases”

30 Okt 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Christopher Reeg (Loss group)
"Zero-energy Andreev bound states from quantum dots inproximitized Rashba nanowires"

Olesia Dmytruk (Klinovaja group)
"Renormalization of quantum dot g-factor in superconducting Rashba nanowires"

22 Mai 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Kris Cerveny (Zumbuhl group)
"Template-assisted nanowire networks for scalable topological quantum computing schemes"

Manisha Thakurathi (Klinovaja group)
"Fractional boundary charges for density modulated and quantum Hall systems"

15 Mai 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Poster Session

8 Mai 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Simon Zihlmann (Schönenberger group)
“Proximity induced spin-orbit interaction in graphene by the TMDC WSe2”

Jonas Roch (Warburton group)
“Spin-polarized electrons in gated MoS2”

24 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Christian Jünger (Schönenberger group)
“Cooper-pair splitting in a double InAs nanowire.”

Olesia Dmytruk (Klinovaja group)
"Detection of Majorana fermions in cavity QED"

17 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Matteo Fadel (Treutlein group)
“Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in Bose-Einstein condensates”

Pavel Sekatski (Sangouard group)
“Certifying the building blocks of quantum computers from Bell’s theorem”

10 Apr 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Alexandre Roulet (Bruder group)
"Synchronizing the smallest possible system"

Matthias Löbl (Warburton group)
“InGaAs quantum dots without wetting layer states for electrons”

27 Mär 12:15

New Lecture Room 1

Christoph Kloffel (Loss group)
Direct Rashba spin-orbit interaction in Si and Ge nanowires with different growth directions
[QCQT] Host: Jelena Klinovaja

13 Feb

New Lecture Room

QCQT Winter Event

9.00: Surface Code
James Wootton

11:00:  Quantum Communication
Nicolas Sangouard

14:00: Quantum Networks
Andrew Shields (Toshiba, UK)

12 Feb

New Lecture Room

QCQT Winter Event

14.00: The Spin Qubit
Daniel Loss

16.00: Topological Quantum Computing
Jelena Klinovaja

12 Dez 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Zakaria Azdad (Zardo group)
Twin Superlattice Nanowires.

Johannes Kölbl (Maletinsky group)
Superadiabatic quantum state preparation in a hybrid spin-mechanical system..

5 Dez 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Christian Scheller, Taras Patlatiuk (Zumbühl group)
Edge state profiles and tunneling orthogonality at sharp edges.

28 Nov 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Ziv Meir (Willitsch group)
Dynamics of a ground-state cooled ion colliding with ultra-cold atoms.

21 Nov 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Gulibusitan Abuliz (Schönenberger group)
CNT research.

Olesia Dmytruk (Klinovaja group)
Majorana fermions and orbital magnetic effects in nanowires.

14 Nov 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Poster Session

7 Nov 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Cezar Harabula (Schönenberger group)
Noise in quantum dots.

Florian Froning, Floris Braakman (Zumbühl group)
Gate defined Ge/Si nanowire quantum dots.

10 Okt 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Chris Reeg (FG Loss)
Proximity-induced superconductivity in single and double Majorana nanowires
[QCQT] Host: Prof. Loss

30 Mai 12:15

Hörsaal 1

General Assembly

of the QCQT PhD School

23 Mai 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Yanick Volpez (FG Klinovaja/FG Loss)
Three-Dimensional Fractional Topological Insulators in Coupled Rashba Layers
[QCQT] Host: Prof. Klinovaja

16 Mai 12:15

Hörsaal 1

Niels Lörch (FG Bruder)
Quantum Synchronization Blockade
J.-D. Bancal (FG Sangouard)
Certifying the proper functioning of quantum technologies through device-independent self-testing
[QCQT] Host: Prof. Klinovaja

9 Mai 12:15


[QCQT] TBA (Ilaria Zardo)

"Charge Density Wave in TiSe2" 

Denis Chevallier (Jelena Klinovaja)

“Spin and Charge Signatures of Topological Superconductivity in Rashba Nanowires”

2 Mai 12:10


Kouki Nakata (Daniel Loss)  

“Fateful Encounter of Magnon with Wiedemann-Franz Law at Basel”

Mario Palma (Dominik Zumbuhl)

“Sub-gap bound-states in Normal metal-Insulator-Superconductor junctions”

25 Apr 12:10


Timo Kaldewey (Richard Warburton)

“Optical nanoscopy via quantum control”

18 Apr 12:10



11 Apr 12:10


Peter Makk (Christian Schönenberger)

“Valleyphysics in graphene p-n junctions.”

4 Apr 12:15


Janik Wolters (Philipp Treutlein)

“Atomic quantum memory for quantum dot photons”

Jan-Philipp Jahn (Richard Warburton)

“Pulse shaping of quantum dot single photons”

19 Feb - 19 Feb 12:00 - 14:00

Alter Hörsal 2

Prof. Richard Warburton
Decoupling a hole spin from the nuclear spins in a semiconductor quantum dot

Leon Camenzind (Zumbühl Group)
Spin relaxation anisotropy and hyperfine mechanism in a shape-controlled GaAs dot