Theoretical Condensed Matter Seminar



15 Sep 15:00

Room 4.1

Oindrila Deb
Department of Physics, University Basel
QC2 Seminar: Studies of topological phases of matter: presence of boundary modes and their role inelectrical transport
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Klinovaja / QC2/QSIT

23 Aug 14:00

Room 1.22

Prof. Mark Dykman
Michigan State University
QC2 Seminar: Floquet dynamics of nonlinear oscillators and time-translation symmetry breaking

[CMTS] Host: Prof. Bruder

22 Aug 14:00

Room 4.1

Vardan Kaladzhyan
Université Paris-Sud
QC2 Seminar: Spin-polarised and topological properties of Shiba states
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss

15 Aug 14:00

Room 4.1

Ranjani Seshadri
Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
QC2 Seminar: "Graphene with Spin-Orbit Coupling: Transport and Wave packet dynamics in presence of barriers"

[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss

24 Mai 13:00

Room 4.1

Prof. Andrew Kent
Department of Physics, NYU, USA
QC2 Seminar: Magnon Condensates in Spin-Transfer Torque Nanocontacts
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss

13 Apr 14:00

Room 4.1

Dr. Vitaly Golovach
Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science, San Sebastian
QC2 Seminar: "Theory of Spin Hall and Hanle magnetoresistance in metal - ferromagnetic insulator bilayers
[CMTS] Host: Prof. Loss