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DC Power Distribution System (eFused) | SP 1’044

The “DC Power Distribution System” is designed for the low voltage supply of many different electronic devices that are relatively close together. This is usually observed in physics experiments on optical tables where a large number of different electronic devices need to be powered. In such environments, many wall plug-in power supplies are often found or several adjustable laboratory power supplies are used. Such solutions are cumbersome, prone for incorrect voltage settings combined with inadequate current limitation and hard to debug.

For cleaning up the power supply system in physics experiments with many electronic devices the “DC Power Distribution System” is a perfect solution. Each of its ten output channels can be current limited separately (eFused) and the outputs are automatically switched off when an incorrect input voltage is applied. Further, each output channel can be current- and voltage-monitored and switched on/off manually. All these features significantly increase the reliability and the safety of the power supply system.

The "DC Power Distribution System" is available for these standard voltages: ±5 V, ±12 V, ±15 V (±18 V).

Each voltage has its own plug system, which prevents from accidentally confusing the different voltages of an experiment. Please note that the bipolar power supply that must be connected to the back of the "DC Power Distribution System" is not included – it must be selected and purchased by the user.

To download the user manual, please click here