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Low Noise | Low Drift Amplifier: Remote Control Interface (SP 1'004a)

For best performances the Low Noise / Low Drift Differential Amplifier (SP 1'004) should be installed as close as possible to the sample. Optimally it is attached directly to the breakout-box on top of the cryostat which is often hard to access during running experiments. This Remote Control Interface allows controlling the voltage-gain and LP cut-off frequency via a flat-cable with a length of serval meters. In addition, the OVERLOAD and OFFSET-COMPENSATED status of the amplifier is readout by the Remote Control Interface. Since the remote control inputs on the LNLD Differential Amplifier are galvanically isolated by optocouplers no ground loops can occur by using this remote control. The Remote Control Interface comes with a 2.8'' touchscreen for manual control and has a serial port (RS-232) for simple ASCII communication with a computer.

This Remote Control Interface is based on a single-board Raspberry Pi B+ computer running a Linux operation system. 

To download the user manual, please click here