Electronics Lab


Magnetic Field Stabilization (SP 962)

The Magnetic Field Stabilization allows fast and precise controlling/stabilization of the magnetic field at certain location of the experiment. By using a magnetometer (e.g. from Bartington) the actual magnetic field is measured and a Helmholtz-coil driven by an external low-noise current source is used to control the field. The device is installed between the magnetometer and the coil driver current source. For controlling/stabilization of all three space axes three such devices are needed. The PID controller can be adjusted by potentiometers on the front-panel. For fast and precise switching the magnetic field the device automatically changes between PID- and PD-controller, depending on the output voltage of the coil driver current source. This reduces the switching-time of the magnetic field without over/under-shooting by more than a factor two.

Detailed Description (available in German)