Electronics Lab


Piezo-Motor Controller PMC (SP 869)

The Piezo-Motor Controller offers the flexible and robust operation of up to eight slip-stick piezo-motors. It allows a bidirectional movement in up to eight axes (channels), whereas only one axis can be driven at the same time. The PMC can drive a wide range of piezo-motor capacitances up to 15 nF. The saw-tooth output voltage of the PMC has a fast back-jump (slip) rise/fall time of only 1 μs at a load-capacitance of 10 nF. This leads to efficient and reliable operation of slip-stick piezo-motors also at cryogenic temperatures. The applied saw-tooth voltage can be adjusted from zero up to ±400 V and the frequency from 1 Hz up to 4 kHz. The PMC can be operated by the Hand-Control Unit (SP 869a) or via a computer-control interface.

User Manual