PhD School «Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology»


The QCQT PhD school brings together over 13 research groups from both theoretical and experimental quantum science and quantum technology at the University of Basel and cooperates closely with EUCOR - the European campus. Together, we are offering an excellent graduate program covering basic courses, advances seminars, summer/winter schools and workshops, performing research at the forefront of quantum science and quantum technology.

Further, the program also provides soft skill courses, industry contacts, and an international, interdisciplinary and thriving environment in strong exchange with partner programs and centers such as the NCCR QSIT. We are aiming at attracting outstanding PhD students from in- and outside of Switzerland and providing training at the forefront of QCQT research.

The main areas of research are quantum computing, quantum measurements, spintronics and quantum magnonics, quantum sensing, quantum optics and cold atoms, quantum transport and nanoelectronics, topological properties of condensed matter systems, and quantum communication.

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QCQT Excellence Fellows


Tim Camenzind

Zumbühl group

Tamas Haidekker Galambos

Loss group

Martin Koppenhöfer

Bruder group

Katharina Laubscher

Klinovaja group

Nadine Leisgang

Warburton group

Yanick Volpez

Loss group

Märta Tschudin

Maletinsky group


Degree Courses in Physics