Magnetron Sputtering Process

In our facility, we deposit by magnetron sputtering metal, oxide films for several applications. Example are TiAlN for mechanical properties, rhodium for watch industry. Rare-earth oxide surfaces were recently reported to possess intrinsic hydrophobicity in Külah, E., Marot, L., Steiner, R., Romanyuk, A., Jung, T. A., Wäckerlin, A., & Meyer, E. (2017). Surface chemistry of rare-earth oxide surfaces at ambient conditions: reactions with water and hydrocarbons. Scientific Reports, 7, 43369.






Rare earth oxides (red/orange) react with gaseous organic compounds from the ambient air to form carbonates and hydroxides (grey/white). Through this reaction, the surface develops water-repelling properties.


Sun Protection Glasses

M-Glass: Innovative coatings for sun protection glasses based on the theory of optimized spectral transmittance.

These coatings reduce the solar-thermal load of building's interior by one third in comparison to current sun protection glasses on the market. Apart of the comfort improvement for occupants, the energy necessary for cooling of buildings is reduced. Therefore these new coatings can contribute to the measures needed to reduce global climatic changes.

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Within several different projects, in close collaboration with Glas Trösch and others, the Department of Physics contributed to develop innovative coatings for the market. 


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