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Researchers Take First Look into the “Eye” of Majoranas

Majorana fermions are particles that could potentially be used as information units for a quantum computer.

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Swiss Team Holds Speed Record (Video)

A team of the University of Basel is going to participate in the first international nanocar race in Toulouse in spring 2017. The Swiss Nanoscience Institute supports the young scientists from the Department of Physics, who enjoy the competition and additionally, will learn a lot for their research during this challenge.

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On-Surface Chemistry Leads to Novel Products

On-surface chemical reactions can lead to novel chemical compounds not yet synthesized by solution chemistry. The first-step, second-step, and third-step products can be analyzed in detail using a high-resolution atomic force microscope, as demonstrated in Nature Communications by scientists from the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Department of Physics at Basel University and their colleagues from Japan and Finland.

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