1 Nov 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Prof. Titus Neupert
Universität Zürich
"Higher-order topological insulators"
Hosts: Prof. Klinovaja / Prof. Loss

8 Nov 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Prof. Silke Bühler-Paschen
TU Wien
"Correlations with drive - New phases and excitations in quantum materials"
Host: Prof. Zumbühl

15 Nov 15:15

Hörsaal 1

Prof. Olivier Bourgeois
Institut Neél/CNRS-Université Grenoble Alpes
"Thermal transport at the nanoscale: What can be done by playing with temperature?"
Host: Prof. Zardo

22 Nov 15:15

Grosser Hörsaal

Joint Colloquium of the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
PD Andreas Verdun
Universität Bern
"Leonhard Euler's methods of celestial mechanics"
Host: Prof. Hanspeter Kraft, President of the Euler Committee of the Swiss Academy of Sciences