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Studying in Basel

Advice During your studies, many general questions may arise (e.g. academic and/or career aspirations etc.). Various departments at the University of Basel offer information and advice on a range of subjects relevant to both students and PhD students.
For questions specifically reg. your Physics Studies contact our study advisor
Course Registration All students matriculated at the University of Basel must register for all courses and lectures they wish to attend. The registration is a requisit to be able to participate in the exams/assessments of the courses and thus for the aquisition of credit points. This regulation also applies to all doctoral students attending courses and lectures. Be aware that their are deadlines for course registration
Exams Get binding information (procedure, deadlines, places of the exams) and details about exams as well as the list of the upcoming exams on the webpage of the examination office of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Science.   
Learning Spaces for Students At the Department of Physics there are learning spaces for students in the physics' library (Klingelbergstrasse 82, 1st floor, room 1.23)
The University offers further learning spaces for students in different locations.
Military & Civilian Service Applications for military / civilian service deferment or exemption must be submitted as early as possible to Prof. Ernst Meyer or Dr. Thilo Glatzel. Please note, that last-minute applications are much less likely to be successful. Information about the main legislation governing military service deferment and exemption, and the relevant forms, can be found here
MOnA MOnA is the abbreviation for ‘My Online Account’ - a web application of the University of Basel used for many different activities/process, e.g. registration, exmatriculation, leaves of absence etc.). 
Semester Dates Information reg. the start and end of the lecture period of the current and future semesters you will find here
Students' Organisation The physics students are being represented by its students' organization Fachgruppe Physik (FG-Physik). Here you find information on their activities.
The FG Physik is part of the students' organization of the university: Skuba.  



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