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11 Jan 09:00

Pharmazentrum & Dept. Physik

Infotag 2018
Für Studieninteressierte

22 Dec 10:30

Lecture Hall 1, Foyer

PhD defense of Aisha Ahsan
Condensation and T-dependent mobility of different vdW adsorbates within and across quantum confinements
Faculty responsible:  Prof. T. Jung

14 Dec 14:15

Department of Chemistry, Spitalstrasse 51, Kolloquiumsraum AC 006

PhD defense of Gulibusitan Abulizi
Quantum transport in hexagonal boron nitride-carbon nanotube heterostructures
Faculty Responsible:  Prof. C. Schönenberger

13 Dec 16:00

Department of Chemistry, Klingelbergstrasse 80, Large Lecture Hall PC 3.10

PhD defense of Daniel Riedel
Engineering of the photonic environment of single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Faculty Responsibles:  Prof. R. Warburton and Prof. P. Maletinsky

21 Nov 14:00

Lecture Hall 207 AC, Spitalstrasse 51, Anorganic Chemistry

PhD defense of Pirmin Weigele
Stretching and Breaking Symmetry of the Persistent Spin Helix in Quantum Transport
Faculty responsible:  Prof. D. Zumbühl

21 Nov 14:00

Lecture Hall 2, 1st floor, room 1.22, Klingelbergstr. 82

PhD defense of Arne Barfuss
Hybrid spin-nanomechanics with single spins in diamond mechanical oscillators
Faculty responsible:  Prof. P. Maletinsky

9 Nov 17:00

Neuer Hörsaal, St. Johanns-Ring 25

Jahrestreffen Physik-Lehrkräfte 
Prof. Richard Warburton "Ein einzelnes Photon & ein einzelner Spin"
Vortrag & Diskussion mit anschliessendem Apéro riche

24 Oct 14:15

Lecture Hall 2, 1st floor, room 1.22, Klingelbergstr. 82

PhD defense of Kishan Thodkar
Chemical vapor deposited graphene for quantum Hall resistance standards
Faculty responsible:  Prof. C. Schönenberger

5 Oct 15:15

Lecture Hall 1, Foyer

PhD defense of Mario Palma
Magnetic cooling and on-chip thermometry for nanoelectronics below 10 mK
Faculty Responsible:  Prof. D. Zumbühl

18 Sep 13:15 - 14:00

Grosser Hörsaal