3 Jul 14:00

Large Lecture Hall PC 3.10, Department of Chemistry, Klingelbergstrasse 80

PhD defense of Maria El Abbassi
"Graphene molecular junctions"
Faculty responsible:  Prof. M. Calame

2 Jul 15:00

Seminar Room 4.1, 4th floor

PhD defense of Tibor Sekera
"Quantum transport of fermions in honecomb lattices and cold atomic systems"
Faculty responsible:  Prof. C. Bruder

26 Apr 14:15

Lecture Hall 1, Foyer

PhD defense of Cezar Harabula
"Lumped impedance Matchers and GHz Noise Investigation of Quantum Dots"
Faculty Responsible:  Prof. C. Schönenberger

26 Apr 17:30

Neuen Hörsaal 1

Lehrer-Event 2018
Fachvorträge & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit an Schulen mit Labor-Führungen & Apéro

25 Apr 14:00

Seminar Room 3.12, 3rd floor

PhD defense of Sridhar Reddy Avula Venkata
PSI and University of Basel
"Ferroelectric control of magnetism in artificial multiferroic composites"
Faculty responsible:  Prof. F. Nolting

13 Apr 14:00

Lecture Hall 2, 1st floor

PhD defense of Simon Zihlmann
Spin and charge relaxation in graphene
Faculty Responsible: Prof. C. Schönenberger

22 Mar 17:00

Kollegienhaus, Petersplatz 1

Masterinfo-Abend 2018
Wie weiter nach dem Bachelor?

17 Mar - 18 Mar


Swiss Young Physicists' Tournament 2018

13 Mar 14:00

Lecture Hall 1, Foyer

PhD defense of Davide Cadeddu
Nanomechanics and scanning probe microscopy with nanowires
Faculty Responsible:  Prof. M. Poggio

1 Mar 15:00

Lecture Hall 1, Foyer

PhD defense of Tobias Meier
Controlling structural, chemical and electronic properties of single molecules on surfaces
Faculty Responsible:  Prof. E. Meyer