Nano- & Quantum Seminar



28 Jun 15:00

Lecture Hall 1, Foyer

PhD defense of Ehud Amitai
"Synchronization and amplitude death of quantum self-oscillators
Faculty responsible: Prof. C. Bruder

28 May 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Andrea Vanossi
SISSA Trieste
Title: "Superlubricity at Graphitic Interfaces from graphene nanoribbons to metallic islands and clusters"
Host: Ernst Meyer

14 May 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Sonia Conesa-Boj
TU Delft
"Electron Microscopy and the design of novel nanomaterials"
Host: Ilaria Zardo

7 May 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Jan Jeske
IAF Freiburg
"Laser threshold magnetometry"
Host: Patrick Maletinsky   QSIT/QC2

30 Apr 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Anna Alemany
Herbrecht Institute Utrecht
"Experimental measurement of folding and binding energies of biomolecules using fluctuation theorems"
Host: Alexis Baratoff, Ernst Meyer

23 Apr 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Prof. Floris Zwanenburg
"Quantum dots and superconductivity in silicon systems"
Host: Dominik Zumbühl   QSIT/QC2

16 Apr 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Prof. Anpan Han
"From Nanopore DNA Sequencing to Organic Ices for 3D Electron Beam Patterning"
Host: Patrick Maletinsky

9 Apr 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Attila Geresdi
“On-chip microwave spectroscopy of the Josephson effect in proximitized semiconductor channels: Enabling novel superconducting and topological qubits"
Host: Christian Schönenberger   QSIT/QC2

26 Mar 16:15

Hörsaal 1

Michael Thoss
Uni Freiburg
"Quantum transport in molecular junctions"
Host: Christoph Bruder   QSIT/QC2

19 Mar 16:15

Hörsaal 1

W. Rosenfeld
"Bell's inequality: from loophole-free tests to device-independent scenarios"
Host: Nicolas Sangouard   QSIT/QC2