Bachelor in Physics: Detailed Information





In a proseminar, students give presentations about topics of their choice, usually in english. At least one proseminar has to be taken during the Bachelor studies, typically in the 6th semester. Various proseminars are regularly offered, including experimental physics, theoretical physics and astronomy.



A number of examinations have to be taken after each semester, as detailed in the table below. The details of the exams will be announced at the beginning of the respective courses. The Bachelor grade results from an equally weighted average of these 6 grades. Registration for the exams has to be done in office 4.11. The deadlines will also be announced on the info boards in the house and are to be strictly followed. The credit points of all the other physics courses are obtained if a previously announced criterion has been fulfilled, such as a minimum number of points in exercises, reports, presentations, written test. The criterion will be announced at the beginning of the course.


Bachelor Modules


Elective Blocks

The elective block consists of 56 credit points, 30 of which are to be chosen from the courses offered within Physics and Mathematics, and another 20 from courses offered outside Physics and Mathematics.

Physics/Math courses that may be chosen include:

  • specialized lectures in physics and astronomy
  • additional lab courses and block courses (advantageous if interested to continue reserach experimental physics)
  • advanced math courses such as statistica and probability or numerical mathematics
  • additional proseminars

Examples for courses from outside the physics/math departments:

  • computer science courses such as programming I
  • courses from other natural science departments: chemistry, biology, geological sciences
  • courses from the faculty of arts: philosophy, languages, history, media sciences

For more information on courses offered please see the online course directory. 


Degree Courses in Physics